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EPT Staff

Lead Pastor

Currently, we are in a period of transition and in the process of finding a new lead pastor. We are fortunate to have the summer booked with guest speakers and presenters.  

Faculty Staff

Sheryl Berry

Church Office Administrator

Office: 403-823-3207

Wayne Mohl

Building Maintenance

Office: 403-823-3207

Board Members

Brian Berry

Business Operations Committee (BOC) Chair

Morley Krause

Church Treasurer, BOC, Ushering 

Sterling Martin

BOC, Communion, Men's Ministries

Ron Milgate

Seniors Ministry, Visitation

Martine Molzahn

Children's Sunday School Ministry Coordinator

Cody Patton

Youth Ministry, Event Planning, Tech Team

Morrell Piecowye

Board Secretary, Care Closet, Boys Club, Tech Team

Please see the respective Board Member if you have any questions about their portfolios or wish to serve within the ministries they oversee.   

Rod Slobogian

Facility Oversight, Worship Team Coordinator